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    DC Power Supplies - DC Power Supply :

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies : ( Category - Rectifier, DC Power supply, Electroplating, etc.)

Varieties : 
1)   Unregulated / Unfiltered.    
- Suitable for Power Supply to the Relays / Contactors / Solenoids, etc..
Controlled- Regulated :
- Filtered with Thyristor Control Technique.
- Suitable for General Purpose DC Loads like Low Power Electroplating, Electrical Component
  Testing, etc.
- These Power Supplies exhibit Very Low amount of Ripples, suitable for Precision Low
  Power Electroplating, PLC or critical applications, for Noise Free environment for Sensitive areas, etc
  Regulated and Controlled, Filtered DC Power Supplies :
Filtered DC Power Supplies Industrial Ruggedity, Reliability and looks.
They are " Thyristor Controlled, SMPS &  Linear types. " Good regulation and very low amount of ripple can be achieved. Input can be single or three phase. Provision of Potentiometers for Voltage and Current Control and meters.
CVCC Design.
Un-regulated, Un-Controlled, Un-Filtered DC Power Supplies :
Power Supplies are also available in UNCONTROLLED type, where regulation and ripple are not important.  Application is for general use, for solenoids, relays, contactors, etc.
  Applications :
  Electroplating for Gold and Silver, PCB manufacturing, Component Testing, Automotive Lamp Testing, Automotive Electrical Components Testing, Laboratory use, etc.
Multifunction Test Jig for Automotive Lamp  
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